Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well I decided I better post something since it has been like 8 months! We have been so busy here working on the kitchen, sick kids, school, and just eveyday life. Things are good just crazy. Hayden just got done with basketball & is getting ready to start baseball. Ashton is playing T-ball, he also will be getting his tonsils out in a few weeks which we are very excited about because he is usually the one getting sick & making the rest of us sick. Madee is almost 2 & doing well with the "terrible twos" she seems to be an expert already! She is all girl & lets you know it, she already has an attitude. Yet somehow all any of us can say is how stinkin' cute she is! Aaron is busy working at work & at home. He is doing a great job on the kitchen, I can't wait to be done & post some pictures. Me I just sit & watch it all happen...that is watch Aaron work. No I help when I can but he has done all the hard stuff thank goodness. What a great guy. Well thats going to be all for now I will try to be better at posting more often.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camping & Fishing what could be better!?!
Well our last camping trip of the summer was a success. Good friends good fishing & good times. The kids had lots of fun fishing & even more fun playing in the stream that we camped by. Hayden was very proud of the fish he caught & surprisingly not afraid to touch it.
Unlike his little brother who only wanted to talk about how he caught the biggest fish & couldn't wait to eat it, he did not want to hold it though. Even Madee got in on the fish action, she didn't get to ride on the boat but sitting on it with daddy was just as good. She LOVED camping the dirt the water the dirt the dogs the dirt the food, did I mention the DIRT? I'm still scrubbing her down, she loves it outside & anything that has to do with Daddy. Then there's this... well I think it speaks for itself!

Need I say more?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Fun!

OK here I go again, I'm not doing so bad its only been a few weeks. I figure I'll be doing good if I update once a month. Well as you can see we went to the lake with some friends & had lots of fun. Madee loved the red dirt & ate a lot of it.

Ashton wanted to ride the tube but only if the boat was not moving. He did like riding on the boat but that's as far as he would go.
Hayden on the other hand loved the tube!I think if his little arms could take it he would have rode it all day. Aaron & I also rode the tube (I know I was shocked myself) but nobody needs to see pictures of that! I also rode the knee board (again big shock) I'm getting adventurous in my old age I guess.
We have one more outing planned before school starts. We are going camping with some friends, lets just hope this camping trip is better than the last. (We're still paying for that one!)
I'm sure by September I will have the pictures posted!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Virgin

This is my attempt to have a blog we will see how it goes. We have had a busy summer but are enjoying some down time right now, that is if kids with strep throat is down time. July 1st was Madees 1st birthday! I cant believe it has been a year she is a great baby such a girl. She loves ALL of the baby dolls that she got for her birthday. July 5th was Haydens 8th birthday! I can't believe that I have an eight year old! He was lucky & was able to be baptized on his birthday. We were happy to have family make it up for the big day. Ashton didn't have a birthday in July (not for lack of trying) he still had lots of fun with his brother & sister on their birthdays however. Well this is it for my first blog I will try to keep up on it. (ya right)