Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Virgin

This is my attempt to have a blog we will see how it goes. We have had a busy summer but are enjoying some down time right now, that is if kids with strep throat is down time. July 1st was Madees 1st birthday! I cant believe it has been a year she is a great baby such a girl. She loves ALL of the baby dolls that she got for her birthday. July 5th was Haydens 8th birthday! I can't believe that I have an eight year old! He was lucky & was able to be baptized on his birthday. We were happy to have family make it up for the big day. Ashton didn't have a birthday in July (not for lack of trying) he still had lots of fun with his brother & sister on their birthdays however. Well this is it for my first blog I will try to keep up on it. (ya right)
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