Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well I decided I better post something since it has been like 8 months! We have been so busy here working on the kitchen, sick kids, school, and just eveyday life. Things are good just crazy. Hayden just got done with basketball & is getting ready to start baseball. Ashton is playing T-ball, he also will be getting his tonsils out in a few weeks which we are very excited about because he is usually the one getting sick & making the rest of us sick. Madee is almost 2 & doing well with the "terrible twos" she seems to be an expert already! She is all girl & lets you know it, she already has an attitude. Yet somehow all any of us can say is how stinkin' cute she is! Aaron is busy working at work & at home. He is doing a great job on the kitchen, I can't wait to be done & post some pictures. Me I just sit & watch it all happen...that is watch Aaron work. No I help when I can but he has done all the hard stuff thank goodness. What a great guy. Well thats going to be all for now I will try to be better at posting more often.